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Plymouth Enterprise Park to get new biomass CHP

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January 9th, 2014 −London & Devonshire Trust (LDT) has signed an agreement for a 10 megawatt biomass combined heat and power (CHP) project atPlymouth Enterprise Park (PEP).

The lease with energy company REACT Energy plc (formerly Kedco plc) includes a three-year-option period to secure planning permission and the other necessary consents to start construction on its four and half acre site.

LDT has already acquired a grid connection for a number of planned projects within the full 22-acre PEP site. Before Christmas, Fulcrum Power Generation Ltd achieved planning for an acre of the park to house a 20 megawatt backup power generation unit and has already started groundworks.

Daniel Stephenson, Managing Director of LDT, the company behind the new industrial park at ErnesettlePeninsula in Plymouth, commented:

At PEP we have been extremely successful in attracting energy developers to the site. This sector has become the driving forcebut the opportunity still exists here for more obvious sectors such as logistics that would benefit from the superb location, readymade infrastructure and potential for cheaper energy that PEP provides.”

Gerry Madden, CEO for REACT Energy, commented:

We’re delighted to have signed a legal option and agreement for lease with LDT. We have plans tohold a public consultation as part of the planning approval process for generating up to 10MW of electricity and heat at the site, and hope to have the site construction-ready by the end of 2014.”

Plymouth Enterprise Park is a regeneration project on the site formerly occupied by Toshiba. Situated within a mile of the A38 expressway major transport link, the land can provide from 30,000 to 250,000 square feet of bespoke space for energy, business, warehousing and industrial use.