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Developers welcome energy regeneration scheme to Plymouth Enterprise Park

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Regional businesses relying on large quantities of power will benefit from a standby power generation system due to be built at the new Plymouth Enterprise Park (PEP) according to commercial developers London and Devonshire Trust (LDT).

LDT has confirmed a contract has been signed with Fulcrum Power Generation Ltd (FPGL) to lease one acre of land at the new commercial park in Ernesettle, having secured planning permission for a 20 megawatt diesel generation unit.

Paul Lazarevic, CEO, FPGL, said:

We are delighted and proud to be one of the first companies to secure a lease at PEP.  LDT took time to understand our business model which made securing terms a straightforward and painless exercise.”

FPGL put in its application in May and, although not connected to LDT’s own planning for the PEP which is due to be submitted later this month, it will play an important part in the wider regeneration scheme at the new park, which is located on the former site of the Toshiba factory.

Daniel Stephenson, Managing Director, LDT, said:

PEP is the perfect site for Fulcrum because of its fantastic location adjacent to a major transformer grid and the fact that the site is already levelled and prepared for development. The addition of a secure power supply on-site will further benefit future park tenants.”

The Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is expected to be in use only about one per cent of the year in its capacity as a standby facility to ensure a secure line of energy to the region.

Mr Stephenson added:

The South West’s onshore and offshore renewable energy resources have been earmarked to contribute to the UK’s energy targets set for 2020. Knowing there is a regional back-up facility that will secure the use of these renewables and support them in times of high demand, will give confidence to those regional businesses that rely heavily on large quantities of power.”